Anne Marie clams that she tired of being called a jobber, says that she can kick ass too and makes a open challenge for a piledrives match. Jasmine Mendez just happens to be around and is ready to answer the call. Jasmine come up behind Anne and with a powerful skull crusher, puts Anne out with ease. Jasmine tosses Anne over her shoulder and lets SK know she’s filling Anne’s open challenge. SK allows this and officially starts the match. What follows is the the biggest baddest one sided piledrivers match that i can remember.

Jasmine is clearly a power girl and easily tosses Anne around. I don’t think Jasmine has too much experience with piledrivers as her reverse piledrivers are more of a big slam, which looks awesome, as she flattens Anne. Something about Jasmine’s other piledrivers, which look perfect, makes them looks really powerful, which Anne sells outstandingly. Anne sells the whole thing as only she can. There is a ton of twitching as Anne twitches after almost every KO and during some pins. Speaking of pins, there are a ton those as well as Jasmine hops on top of the twitchy Anne Marie after every few piledrivers. Some leg hook pins but most are of the school girl type and a few special ones near the end. Overall this is an amazing squash, some many piledrives, pins, twitching, a sleeper and a great chokeslam for fun as Jasmine giggles as if being tickled the whole time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10


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