Review of Destiny vs. Angel Dust

Review of Destiny vs. Angel Dust (Rise of the Champions 2008)

I got a Ringdivas video for you guys today. I don’t normally do these because the good ones are too expensive, so i don’t have that many of them and the $10 are normally not that exciting, but someone asked for this one, I already had it and its a $10 one that’s not too bad, starring Angel Dust and Destiny. So here we go.

Two and a half minutes in, after the Ringdivas intro and after the combatants intros, the match begins. Destiny is straight on the attack with a some shots to the face of Angel. Angel is reeling right away and Destiny starts to use the ring as a weapon, choking Angel on the ropes and bouncing her head of the turnbuckles. Angel gets no offense in at all for about half the match. She finally gets the upper hand for a while and really puts a hurting on Destiny. It doesn’t take Destiny too long to gain control again. Destiny uses a few good moves and even takes off a part of her attire as weapon to weaken Angel. Angel gets one moment of hope but is quickly wiped away as Destiny traps her in a tight scissors. That marks the end this one as Angel goes to sleep, the ref checks the arm and its over. A good victory pose and a great view of Angel laid out at the end.

I actually do in enjoy this match. Both these girls perform pretty well. Angel Dust is one of the toughest girls I’ve seen in this business. She has been through some pretty rough beatings. This isn’t one of those beatings, but Angel still sells it. The moves here are done well but the variety of moves is minimal. These girls are great looking, that’s a plus and a good KO at the end. For 10 bucks, this isn’t a bad choice.

Overall Score: 7.5/10


  • sumaira ali

    please add mixed matches from

  • I swear it’s so unfortunate that they are how they are. Pure roster wise with how the girls look, then outfits, ring set up etc camera quality and recording quality RingDivas may be the best there is. Because off the high prices time wasted during videos and some having basically no kos/selling it’s way to risky to buy.

    It just sucks i’m not to into pro style stuff at all but RingDivas with their girls the gear and how good the recording quality is makes me even think about buying some of those they had so much potential.

    • The 40 buck vids are their best but even those miss too often and are just too expensive for the content you get. If some like SKW or FWR had the RD set up, ring, roster and all that jazz, it would easily be the best production out there.