Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twelve

Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twelve

Sapphire is once again putting the strap on the line. This time she is going against the legendary Jewell Marceau. She is strong, confident and ready to take the belt from Sapphire. Jewell starts off in control, but Sapphire is not going down that easy. It takes Sapphire just a few seconds to take control from Jewell and she never gave it back. Sapphire goes on to destroy Jewell as only sapphire can. Really showing off her power as she picks up and slams Jewell with ease. Eventually finishing Jewell off in the traditional Sapphire fashion.

This one turned out to be really amazing. I somehow forgot just how awesome Jewell can sell. She absolutely destroyed this role. Sapphire, of course, does her thing. The ways she can pick up Jewell and toss her around like she was Sumiko’s size, is down right impressive. To put it simply, if you ever liked a match where Sapphire dominates a great jobber, than you need to pick this one up.

Overall Score: 9/10


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