Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part eleven

Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part eleven

In the 1st match of this 2 part series we have Sapphire just talking about how she’s come all the way out west and no one wants to challenge her. when suddenly Sinn Sage and Raquel run in and attack her. They both get a few good moves in on Sapphire until Sapphire gets out of the way and reverses one of their attacks and than takes over as and does what Sapphire does best. Taking both girls through their paces and ending it with a great double pin.

In the 2nd half Sapphire is back with a new challenge in Nicole Oring. Nicole starts of in control but an few body splashes later and that comes to an end as Sapphire gains control and doesn’t let it go ever. She mercilessly destroys Nicole in great fashion and finishes her off with and easy pin for the win.

Both parts of this video are great. I can never get enough 1 on 2 beatdowns and Sinn Sage is one of my all time favorites. Even thought Sapphire wasn’t control the whole time she really brought to them later and that double leg hook pin was a total cherry on top.

Nicole has a great way of getting KO and being spread out on the mats and this match gives you so many chances as Sapphire squashes her.

Overall Score: 9/10