Review of Crystal Defeated – Payback Time

Review of Crystal Defeated – Payback Time

Its payback time for the Masked Mauler. After getting his butt kicked by Crystal a few months ago it seems that the Masked Mauler as been planning his revenge all this time. He is confident as he challenges Crystal to a rematch, where if he wins she gets handcuffed to the ring. Her previous victory gives her confidence and she accepts fearlessly. Unfortunately for Crystal the Masked Mauler takes takes advantage of Crystal turning her her back for a second. This attack gives Masked Mauler the advantage to start the match and he never lets it go. He squeezes, stretches and wrenches Crystal in all kinds of painful holds eventfully putting her in a tight sleeper that puts her out cold. She wakes up handcuffed the corner, where Masked Mauler tortures Crystal’s body some more before putting her out again and leaves her there.

Crystal is a gorgeous girl its good to see her on the losing side because i feel like its pretty never happens. Its good vid, complete domination from the Masked Mauler, with well executed moves and good selling from Crystal. I like the handcuffing part. There was absolutely nothing she could do and already being weak for her defeat just makes it even better.

Overall Score: 8/10


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