Review of Celeste Topless POV Boxing Beating

Review of Celeste Topless POV Boxing Beating

This is another clip that is the second half of a video. This one starts with Celeste waking you up not long after knocking you out. She wants to pickup where she left off and at 1st she does. But suddenly you remember how to fight and go on the offense. Celeste can do nothing to stop you now as she’s trying to get the chance to catch her breath, which you don’t give her. You continue to rain punches on her which ends up knocking her down a couple of times. When you finally had enough you knock Celeste down and count her out with punches to the gut. After 10 she’s out cold.

I like boxing matches topless or not. Some of Celeste’s selling is a little silly. Her expressions could be mistaken for smiling. Overall, she’s good, cute girl and her selling during the second half was much better. Of course Darrius is playing “you” and unlike a lot of other POV matches, Darrius talks trash while fighting, which is fun and normally good for a laugh.

Overall Score: 8/10


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