This is a very unique video order from SKW as it has two POV boxing matches starring Cassie Moxy, that’s not the unique part. This one has her winning and one where she loses, all for the price of one. Which works out for me because I have no interest in seeing Cassie win a boxing match, but would love to see her lose one. This works for you, if you are opposite of me and best if you would like to see both, because that’s a two for one special for you guys.

So, honestly I didn’t even watch the video where Cassie wins, although I did add a few pics at the end so those of you who would like to see if hat get a little idea of what that looks like.

In the losing battle, Cassie starts confident, coming off the win over you in the previous match. It literally takes one punch to wipe all that confidence away. Two more punches and Cassie is out cold. That’s pretty much they story for the rest of the video. Cassie is easily KO’d again and again only to be woken up, just to be KO’d again. After the final KO her gloves are removed and placed on her stomach as we get a final body pan.

Every video I see with Cassie, I end up liking her even more and this one continues that trend. Cassie is just an awesome seller, plan and simple. Her reactions and expressions are right on point. There are a ton of KOs in this, mainly ending with Cassie flat on her back, but every popular KO position gets a turn here. I really like the waking up of Cassie. She struggles back to her feet and it’s clear that she’s not all there, even after the first KO. Cassie tries to throw some punches but they come so slow and weak they never had a chance of hitting anything. Just and overall great job from Cassie. She continues to climb up my jobber list and at this rate is not long from being called a favorite.

Overall Score: 9/10