Shot in Arizona at FWR headquarters. FWR Carrie challenges SK, first one to get at 10 count pin wins. Carrie starts off strong, taking control of the match for about 45 seconds. She tries to get a sleeper hold on SK, but she should have known better. SK backs her into the corner, knocking the wind out of Carrie and giving him the upper hand. He starts off working her over in corner with punches, kicks and knees, than puts Carrie out, for the first of many times, with a hangman’s sleeper. From here, Carrie is in a world of trouble as she suffers through many painful holds and a great amount of KOs, with fake pins and trash talk along the way. When SK finally decides to wrap this up. He makes sure Carrie is going to be out for a while with a couple of very impressive piledrivers and a humiliating 10 count pin.

Man, let me tell you guys something about the beautiful Carrie if you all didn’t know already, she is one hell of a performer. SK puts her through a number great holds and tons of excellent KOs all packed into 15 minutes. Carrie sells the crap out of her destruction in her sexy, pink hooded outfit and this isn’t a one off for Carrie. She sells like a champ all the time at fem wrestling rooms. So take a look a this one than make sure you check her out over there. As far as mixed squashes, this is one of the best, so make sure you don’t miss this one.

Overall Score: 9/10


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