Review of Boxing Kyoko

Review of Boxing Kyoko

Got a quick and simple one, by request, for you guys here today. A POV boxing match, You Vs Kyoko.

Round one is all Kyoko as she gets the best of you and has you down on the mat at the end of the round, but you are saved by the bell.

Round two begins and Kyoko is picking up right where she left off, but a punch out of no where catches Kyoko off guard, really changing the tide of this match. You guys trade punches. Kyoko gets knocked down, you get knocked down, but in the end it’s Kyoko being saved by the bell this time.

Round three and Kyoko was clearly still effected from the previous round. You take complete advantage of this as you dominate this round. You have your fun with her but it’s not too long before you put her down for the count.

The last round is the entire reason I got this vid. Kyoko is super tiny and cute. I think the her selling in this one is good. I’ve seen her do better but i think this one was early in her tenure at FWR and she was still getting conformable. Overall a good vid, with some great close ups of a punch drink Kyoko and good vid for some back and forth POV boxing action.

Overall Score: 7.5/10