Review of Baun Voyage

Review of Baun Voyage

We start off with Bambi Buttons, Jacquelyn Velvets, and Monica Jade talking about their plans for the slumber party. Jackie interrupts, wondering where her friend Baunfire is. Bambi and Monica tell Jackie Baunfire is not welcome at their party. Just then we see Baunfire enter the house with a bag of “tools” in hand. Baunfire heads straight for the room the other girls are in and listens to what they have to say. Needless to say, she is not please. She reaches in her “toolkit” and pulls out a can that she sprays in the room. The girls conversation comes to a sudden halt as the gas takes effect. They all quickly pass out as Baunfire enters the room to inspect the damage. Baunfire makes sure the girls stay out till she’s done playing with their bodies. Baunfire leaves to plan her next attack. As the girls come to, they talk about what happened to them and quickly blame Baunfire for the attack. Bambi and Monica want to fight back but Jackie wants to apologize and make things right. Jackie insists that they separate in search of Baunfire.

For here on, Baunfire continues to sneak up on Jackie, Bambi and Monica. The whole time Jackie is trying to convince Baunfire that she is on her side, but Baunfire isn’t giving her a chance as Baunfire continues her KO party. It wasn’t till the end when Baunfire sees Jackie KO Bambi and Monica than Baunfire finally believes that Jackie is on her side. Then now plan what to do with Bambi and Monica as the vid comes to an end.

This is an absolute amazing video. I love how all these girls perform, great reactions all around, couldn’t be better. Baunfire is so awesome in this and easily controls all these girls with no trouble and looks amazing in that dress. I like how Jackie tried so hard to tell Baunfire that she as on her side but Baunfire just wasn’t having it. Great amount of KOs, great KO positions and awesome outfits. You guys need to check this out!

Overall Score: 9.5/10