Review of "Bad Girl’s Boxing" Keri Spectrum Vs. Sumiko

Review of “Bad Girl’s Boxing” Keri Spectrum Vs. Sumiko

I saw Sumiko and Keri in a boxing match and instantly bought it. They are both in bra and panties with ridiculously, too large mouth guards. The match begins and it’s all belly punches. They go back and forth for the whole time. They both have moments of domination but no one really gets an upper hand, till the near end. Both girls bellies get a little red from the abuse. When the end is near Sumiko’s stays in control for long than ever before and caps things off with a massive uppercut that lays Keri out cold. Sumiko poses over her fallen foe before leaving Keri to rest up.

I admittedly may have set my hopes a bit high for this one. I think “hopes high’ is the wrong term. I expected things to be different. I was looking for multiple knockdowns, exhaustion, longer lengths of domination and after seeing those huge, hilarious mouth pieces, I really expected them to go flying at least once. So, with all that expected, which i blame myself for setting that expectation, this one was underwhelming for me. How ever, if you happen to love see two amazing looking girls doing some excellent belly punching in your boxing vid, with a great uppercut KO cherry on top, than this cake it for you.

Overall Score: 7/10