Here is a great collection of old school videos starring Anne-Marie, four of them to be exact. Going to give you guys a quick summery of all four, than tell you how good they are.

First up is Anne vs Serena, Serena is over confident and soon as she sees her opponent is Anne, but Anne is ready and completely dominates Serena from beginning to end.

Next up, Anne Vs SK in a sentry style video. Anne is in a awesome cheerleader costume. SK has his fun practicing his KO techniques on a mostly stunned and out of it Anne-Marie.

Third vid is payback time for Serena. This time Anne Marie is on the losing end, completely, as Serena gains her redemption in great style.

Saving the best for last, Anne and Willa go back and forth with some great KOs, causing some great reactions from both of them. They wear jeans and bikini tops, which is rare and awesome. This is the longest part and the best part of the video collection.

With only one of these videos available on the clips side of the PPV and this being 60 plus minutes of action makes this one a great deal. Anne-Marie is of course, delivers an outstanding performance in each and every clip. Serena does great too but Willa does better. Willa has her tongue out in a lot of the KOs which is what helps make the last video my favorite from the bunch. Also the jeans help too, jeans are a pretty uncommon outfit choice which also makes that clip special. Overall each video in this collection is excellent and worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10