Review of AMBER O’NEAL meets THE KID

Review of AMBER O’NEAL meets THE KID

This one starts off with Amber O’Neal telling the camera how SK isn’t tough because anyone can beat bikini models, she is a real wrestler and has a plans to beat SK. Next SK is in front of the camera. He telling the camera how Amber won’t be a problem, while Amber sneaks up and attacks SK from behind. This gives Amber complete control for about, 30 seconds. Than SK avoids a wall splash and Amber knocks herself out. What follows is the one sided, pro style beatdown well all know and love as SK puts Amber through myriad of KOs. Eventually finishing her with few piledrives and a undertaker style pin.

A great performance here by Amber. She always does a bang up job, winning or losing here at SKW and this one is no different. Amber sells really great and looks outstanding. There was a good array of moves, plenty of pins and lots of KOs. A great “middle of the road” SKW video.

Overall Score: 8/10


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