We start of with a scene that I’m getting pretty used to and Pandora should be as well. A superheroine is laid out in the middle of the mat room and Jacquelyn Velvets wakes her up and fills the poor captured heroine in on her situation. This time we have Bat Pandora captured by The Collector and is in some deep trouble as Jackie tells her the machine is on his way. Of course The Machine sneaks up and start Pandora’s beatdown with a couple of piledrivers. Once her boots, socks and mask are off the kind of one sided beatdown The Machine is famous for is exactly what happens. Pandora is bent and KO’d time and time again as The Machine has his way with her, until Jackie calls him off and The Machine carries Pandora away to add her to the collection.

God, its so good to see Pandora again, she is so great and this video makes the reasons why i think so, pretty clear. She sells to the levels of my expectations and some for this whole vid. I do wish that the boots and masked stayed on a little longer. Its a great outfit and I’d like to be able to enjoy a little more destruction with the full costume, before its taken apart. Anyway, the assortment of moves are perfect, just the right amount of submission moves and tons of expertly sold and executed KOs. A great vid for anyone who reads this and of course any fan of Pandora.

Overall Score: 9/10


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