You know, i thought i liked Jessie Belle before she came to SKW, but with every new release with her, I end put liking her even more. In this one she is a trainee spy on a mission with her boss and mentor Saya Savage. They are after the infamous Collector and as The Collector does, he knows they’re coming and he got some tricks up his sleeve.

Moments after the duo enter the lair, they are both put to sleep by The Collector. He than wakes Jessie up to hypnotize her into beating the crap out of her boss and that’s exactly what she does. Waking after her hypnotism has sunk in, Jessie wakes up and starts to destroy Saya. Everything was going according to plan till Saya gets a head scissors on Jessie during a piledriver that has them both laid out in the end, breaking the spell on Jessie. But the Collector has another plan as he calls The Machine to finish the job. The Machine shows hands out a couple of piledrivers each and cleans up the mess to finish the vid.

Lot of good things to say about this one. I love that Jessie’s southern accent was a part of the hypnosis and Jessie tries to talk with out an accent, it’s all comical. Saya Sells the whole time like she does, which is excellent. I love how Jessie’s lovely smile turned from sweet and Innocent in the beginning to so evil while she was hypnotized. I love how Jessie is so expressive. She is great no matter what role she’s playing. The last thing i got to complement is when SK calls in The Machine, you can still hear that SK is still behind the camera, even at the very end. And all you guys thought SK and The Machine was the same person.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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