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Review Kayla’s Eternal DreamYoga Girl Knockout – 11 Mins

YogaKayla arrives home after her run, wearing tight yoga shorts, her white tee, and sneakers. She doesn’t notice the man sneaking up behind her… -sneakers -tight yoga shorts -neck chop knockout -ragdolling and limp play -cleavage -cradle carrying -face punch knockout -over the shoulder carrying -eye rolling -fainting -dragging by ankles -The second half of this video Kayla is wearing tight white yoga pants.

Got another vid brought to you by request and honestly, I thought I had posted this one a long time ago. This is one of my first and still is one of my favorite Kayla Obey vids. This is vid, for me, completely defines what Kayla does best, she takes very simple ideas for a video and makes them awesome. Like this one, just a simple KO vid with Kayla in yoga pants, but she, I say she, but I should say they, she couldn’t do this without Vince, somehow manages to make it really great adding carrying, dragging, face punch KOs, long “darri-air” KO pose, spread eagle KO pose, her waking up to punch drunk to get away and fainting, and makes it all flow together naturally. Even with two nearly identical segments, it feels totally worth it as Kayla and Vince do so good, just a change a change in clothes is more than enough reason to see Kayla KO’ again. As I said, this was one of my first ever Kayla Obey video, it made a great lasting impression for me. I still love this vid, still love Kayla and if you haven’t seen this one, you need to, plain and simple.

Overall Score: 9.5/10