Review of TINY vs SERENA

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldTINY vs SERENA – 26 mins

We fade in on 6’9 powerhouse TINY telling his fans that he’s TIRED of defeating the same girls TWICE at SKW;  He craves new blood…a new fighter willing to challenge him without fear.  Without remorse.  And then a masked wrestler enters, decked out in old school gear and ready to fight! She climbs on top of Tiny and applies a sleeper hold, cranking it and telling him it’s all over.  It takes Tiny a second to feel her weight.  He slams her into the wall, laughing as he traps her in a sleeper of his own…before she can pass out, however, he removes her mask and reveals her to be Serena!   Delighted at the idea of taking someone he’s never faced, Tiny asks SK to turn this into an official match.  And so it begins…yet another epic beatdown featuring a monster vs a babyface jobber.  Serena takes one HELL of a loss here, folks, and to be honest, we’re STILL not sure what she was thinking!

This may be the funniest Tiny video to date. First to start off, Tiny is complaining about beating up the same girls over and over. He says, “if I have to ragdoll Sparrow one more time…” Of course, since yours truly was the custom writer for all things Tiny vs Sparrow, (except the original Tiny vs The Tiniest) I was quite horned for the mention and it definitely made me laugh. Then a masked Serena attacks Tiny and he pretty much finishes his sentence before paying her any mind. All the while Serena is talking all sorts of trash, “I got you right where I want you!” And “you’re going down!” Thankfully, almost the first thing Tiny does is remove Serena’s mask, because we don’t ever want to have a jobber in a mask. While he does that, he again mentions Sparrow with, “I swear, if this is Sparrow!” again had me cracking up. Even now unmasked and in deep trouble, Serena continues her trash talking, although she’s dazed now. It takes a few KOs to stop Serena’s trash talking, but there’s some good laughs along the way. Once she’s too out of it to talk back, Serena really starts giving us some beautiful over the top reactions. And of course with Tiny we get the usual one sided, power move filled destruction with Serena showing off her veteran over the top jobbing skills that I have truly missed. Serena is an incredible talent and I don’t know where she’s been, but I am so glad she’s back. First the Sparrow scissor squash and then this magnificent, funny and over the top Tiny squash. Serena’s awesome on both sides of a match and sure hope she doesn’t leave us for so long again.

Overall score: 10/10