Review Thank You Shaman

Review of DefeatedThank You Shaman – 11 mins

After Valerie cheated and defeated Dee last time, Dee asks for a rematch, but this time she’s bringing some back up, our newest male wrestler, Shaman, to make sure Valerie can’t cheat again. Valerie accepts Dee’s challenge, not knowing she’s bringing Shaman. Shaman acts as the referee as the fight begins. Just like last time Lady Dee completely dominates Valerie with a few quick submission holds and a leg scissors KO. Dee poses over Valerie, as Valerie slow comes to and immediately goes for her trusty pipe. Shaman springs into action and just before Valerie can attack, Shaman stops her, dragging her back down to the mats. Shaman holds Valerie still as Dee backs that ass up, shoving it in Valerie’s face, delivering a humiliating stink face. Shaman then sleepers Valerie out. Dee thanks Shaman for saving her and Shaman heads out, but Dee isn’t quite done with Valerie just yet. Dee now dominates the barely conscious Valerie with a sleeper/scissor hold combo, a body scissors, a head scissors, a camel clutch/hand over mouth smother and a final foot choke out. The whole time a helpless Valerie’s eyes roll and her tongue protrudes at every chance, right down to the final KO. Dee, now satisfied with her sweet revenge poses proudly over a defeated Valerie.

More Defeated action for you guys and with this one their newest male wrestler makes another appearance, in a much lighter role, but still being effective. I like that Defeated is starting to use a little bit of story to connect their videos together, this one taking place after “Cheating Means Winning” where Valerie cheated to beat Dee and now Dee is out for revenge, but hires Shaman to watch her back in case Valerie tries to cheat again, which of course she does, but Shaman does his job and stops her. I am totally loving Valerie right now, not only is she a dirty rotten cheater, but she has also been selling her ass of as a jobber when all these girls that she cheated come back for revenge. She does a great job at selling the over the top stuff and I would say she does the best eyerolling at Defeated besides for maybe Dee and Stella. Plenty of over the top reaction here, to prove my point as Valerie is destroyed from beginning to end. More solid content for Defeated and definitely more on the way as their newest release looks awesome, which of course I’ll be reviewing for you guys here real soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10