Review Possessed Hand Attacks

Review of DefeatedPossessed Hand Attacks – 22 mins

Elizabeth is in the mat room, wearing nothing but a pair of sexy panties. She also happens to be holding a knife. Just like Meryl did before and just like Meryl, we still don’t know why she was holding a knife or why she was almost naked and also like Meryl the studio’s automatic cameras were running as Elizabeth starts stabbing herself with the knife. She too battles against her own arm, seemingly having lost complete control of her limp. And again the arm continuously attacks Elizabeth stabbing her over and over again, all over her body. Elizabeth goes down several times, with her eyes open and her tongue out, but her arm just continues the attack. This attack goes on for several tortuous minutes before Elizabeth can take no more and finally lies still in the middle of the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and man are you in store for quite the unique vid with this one. I’ve seen a ton of solo girl vids, whether POVs, invisible opponents or some other one girl show style vid, I can’t tell you the last time I saw a vid where the girl was attacked by her own limb, which is what we got here. Elizabeth ends up in a hell of a knife fight with her own arm and all I can tell is that her arm kicked her ass. I think this is a really cool idea, but isn’t quite perfect yet. I love all the over the top reaction, but it think this particular knife fun style vid would be better in separate scenes. This way we can see Elizabeth go down and be still for a bit then fade out and start fresh instead of her just continuing stabbing herself and coming back to life. And not only that but I think this kind of thing could work for other styles, like image Elizabeth with boxing gloves on and suddenly both arms turn against her and now she’s in a ridiculous boxing match versus herself with no chance of defending herself. So as cool as this vid is, as great of an idea this is as great of a job Elizabeth did selling it all, I think this is just the start of something really epic and hope we get to see more ideas with girl attack themselves. Apparently we have one to look forward to as this one mentions one with Meryl that hasn’t been released yet, so we can count on seeing Meryl’s vid at least.

Overall Score: 9/10