Review of Ziva, the Referee

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsZiva, the Referee – 11 mins

When a traveling pro wrestler recently visited us we put her in the ring against Madison, who has had some pro training. Since the match was supposed to be a pro-style match we decided to bring in Ziva to introduce the girls and referee the match. Nikita and Madison trade holds such as head locks, hammerlocks, a full nelson, some belly punches, a snap mare, head scissors, a leglock, and a bow and arrow. But the pro wrestlers don’t follow the rules and resort to some illegal hair pulling causing the referee to step in and call for the break. When Ziva finally loses control she’s forced to step in by grabbing them BOTH by the hair and warning them to stop the illegal stuff! The girls suddenly turn on Ziva and the remainder of the match is filled with Madison and Nikita double teaming the poor ref with belly kicks on the ropes, a double arm stretch, a body scissors/head scissors, some belly punches, and an impressive torture rack hair pull that has little Ziva screaming her submission. The match isn’t quite done yet though as Nikita traps Madison in a KO sleeper hold during the victory poses to take the full match and victory!!

I love matches like this, when you know that the ref is just going to cause some trouble and get beaten up. It’s really the only reason to have a ref in the video and I was happy to see it was Ziva, she’s been quite impressive so far and continues to be a great talent here. Speaking of great talents, Rick was definitely brought another one here with Nikita. Even if Rick didn’t mention that Nikita has had some pro training or is a pro wrestler, I would have said something, because she was immediately impressive. I would have been shocked if she performed that well without some kind of training. I know she’s a visitor, but sure I hope we see her again soon. I love that Nikita and Madison wore the same outfits, just in opposite colors, it’s a great outfit that they both look great in. But back to Ziva, as I mentioned she’s been impressive so far and this continues for here. She’s great as a ref before things turn against her. She brings great energy to the match and when things do go south for her, she sells it all really well. As much as I love having two jobbers, having two heels allows for some unique moves and FWR took advantage of that, with a bunch of great tag team holds. All the KOs come at the end, which is fine by me. Madison gets KO’d with a sleeper and falls on Ziva, who Nikita and Madison were posing over, for a great body pile and final scene. Overall, a great introduction for Nikita and a great jobbing performance by Ziva, with a little Madison at the end.

Overall score: 9.5/10