Review of Ziva Teaches Persephone a Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsZiva Teaches Persephone a Lesson – 16 mins

We join Ziva pacing in the ring, wearing her ring gear and warm-up jacket. She’s frustrated because Persephone is late for their match. Her opponent finally saunters in and hands Ziva her ring jacket saying, “Here, hang this up for me!” Ziva throws the jacket aside as the over confident Persephone tells Ziva that she’s not going to stop pinning her and beating on her until Ziva admits that Persephone is the better wrestler! The match begins and Persephone easily forces Ziva into a corner for some belly punches followed by a sleeper hold that nearly knocks Ziva out. Persephone gives Ziva a second chance but her confidence is her downfall when Ziva kicks her between the legs! The shocked Ziva suddenly finds herself being tossed around the ring and weakened by a double arm choke. Ziva drops on Persephone for a leg hook pin then yanks her up by the hair to inform her that the rules have now switched and we witness the utter destruction of poor Persephone at the hands of the dominant Ziva! Lots of sweet 10 count pins fill this match and you’ll be right there to witness it all!

You guys know that I love Persephone, and love it even more when she loses, so there was no way I could skip doing a review for this video. Not only does Persephone lose in this one, but she’s is dominated, after her confidence bites her in the butt. Then she’s KO’d and pinned several times before finally being left completely defeated and out cold in the middle of the ring. Both Persephone and Ziva are dressed in pro gear with converse boots and knee pads, which of course for me makes the whole thing even better. I also love the over confidence part, with Persephone just being so smug, I love that the KOs weaken Persephone so by the final round she’s doesn’t have much fight left and also that not only were there several pins, but most of the pins were sexy leg hook pins. So for people like me who just love seeing Persephone playing the jobber, this is a can’t miss video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10