Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldZERO SUIT BRUTALITY – 12 mins

We fade on the stunning Eden and Saya in the midst of a battle to keep their lives. This clip features several scenes in which Eden and Saya both take turns being on the wrong end of the knife/neck snap (as well as other brutal techniques and finishers). They go back and forth maiming one another in a variety of ways only to be left twitching and lifeless on the mats.

I’m going get this out of the way right off the bat, I don’t like the body suits. I mean as far as body suits go, I guess these are kind of cool, but the suits try to add back the body details it takes away by panting the details on the suits but, both Saya and Eden have better bodies then the ones portrayed on the suits. So in my mind, we would just be better off seeing they’re actual bodies than covering them in these fake painted on details. OK now with that off my chest, besides for the outfits this vid is really awesome. This is like a sentry girls vid, with the brutality turned up to 11. So it’s a lot of back and forth action with the girls have no mercy toward each other. Saya and Eden sell the hell out it too, with great OTT reaction and they are both really great at being merciless and being the victim. I love the foreign objects and of course all the twitching we got in this vid. I would love to see a vid like this again, just without those body suits, it would just be that much better to see these girls, playing these roles, in better outfits.

Overall Score: 9.5/10