Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldZERO SUIT BRUTALITY 2 – 20 mins

During our recent trip to FWR we pit redhead Miriya against the Arizona’s Becca in a body-hugging Zero Suits. The two combatants eye each other up after some sexy stretching, circling each other as they square off.  Locking up, Becca struggles to gain the upper hand, pushing Miriya into the corner before laying in with some brutal belly punches and knee lifts, and then throws her to the opposite corner for a running knee lift.  Stunned, Miriya staggers as Becca begins her trash talk, not impressed with the level of competition she’s facing.  A little too soon, as Miriya powers up, grabbing Becca from behind and pushing her to her knees with a brutal double neck pinch.  Becca’s eyes swim and her tongue rolls as she sinks to the mat, folding over unconscious.  Miriya brings her around only to yank her into an inverted bear hug, making her eyes cross as she struggles for breath. Once again she folds to the mat, only to be stomped in the groin and bent into a Fish Hook, then an eye rolling sleeper hold. Twitching and drooling Becca slowly fades out again, as Miriya engages in a little limp play to be sure.  Suddenly a mysterious rag appears and seems to be laced with chemicals as it’s wrapped around Becca’s mouth and nose. She struggles, but can’t overcome the ether, fading out again with her eyes rolling and tongue out.  Miriya isn’t finished, however and drags the semi-conscious blonde into an inverted Dragon Sleeper until her arms stop flailing around.  Neck Scissor punish the body-suited blonde until she’s no longer moving at all, and Miriya goes for the pin, but Becca manages to kick out before the ten-count.  Unfortunately, this means more punishment as she’s thrown into the corner for belly punching, knee lifts and then choked with the rag until she dangles limp.  This is truly going to be brutal.

Videos like this is why I always look forward to SKW going to Arizona and working with FWR. When your two favorite productions join forces only great things can happen. Now, you guys know I have to say this, so before I begin to shower this video with praise let me get this out of the way. I hate this body suit. I hate it so much I almost skipped this video entirely because I didn’t want to see Becca’s beautiful body completely covered from neck to toe and replaced with all these artificial lines and shapes. Luckily I noticed all the OTT reactions and grab the video despite my hatred for the outfit. And it turned out to be the right thing to do because unsurprisingly Becca sold a masterpiece of a jobbing performance. This isn’t the most over the top performance Becca has ever done, but getting to see Becca do some drooling scenes makes this one pretty special video as drooling is outlawed in FWR, so seeing Becca drool only happens when SKW comes to town. And overall it really was a great squash in general, lots of KOs, beautiful reactions all around and it was done by the hands of Miriya, an underused jobber extraordinaire herself we very rarely get to see this side of Miriya. So long story short, despite me hating this bodysuit, Becca puts on well hell of a show that anyone who loves squash matches should be ashamed to miss.

Overall score: 9.9/10