Review of YouTube Nylon Show

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Review of Kayla’s Eternal DreamsYouTube Nylon Show – 9 Mins

KaylaModeling her new nylons, high heel, and dress for her YouTube video blog Kayla is totally unaware of the intruder in her home… he puts her to out quick, fondles her limp nyloned body. Soon he packs her up in his trunk to take away and sell her. — Kayla is wearing sheer black nylons with a CONTROL TOP and REINFORCED TOE with white panties underneath.

I love Kayla and miss Kayla so much the I find myself looking for old videos that I’ve missed. This time I came up with this nice little one. It’s again Kayla’s perfect brand of simple yet satisfying. She got a sexy tight dress on and gets KO’d after a rather thro set up. Then we get plenty of limp play and feeling up as her attacker has his way with her. The first time she wakes up she tries to run away, but wearing on one high heel and being dizzy for the KO she doesn’t get far. Kayla stumbles, falls and is quickly caught and KO’d. She wakes up again after being carried to the car, only to get chloroformed in the trunk. I love how her feet kick, hanging out of the trunk. It’s a great job but Kayla, selling everything so perfectly. She such an amazing talent, I love how she always makes all these simple ideas so good.

Overall Score: 9/10