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One of the most action-packed cuntbusting contests you’ll ever witness!!! We see Coco and Sumiko, two rival fighters, face off and measure each other up before a brutal cuntbusting battle that can only end with one lady and the other posing over her limp body!!! Here’s the original custom script, which we brought to life with an extreme attention to detail! “Sumiko and Saya are rivals looking to settle a long time score.  They decide to have a cuntbusting battle to the finish.  They wear sexy and shiny one piece thong leotards as they circle.  And then it begins.  The action is VERY back and forth (WITH SOUND FX, HARD IMPACTS), with both girls taking command and PUNISHING the other with kicks, punches, and knees to the pussy.  They even throw in some atomic drops that crush their crotches.  Grinding foot stomps are also welcome, as well as some “instant replay cam” footage.  The girls grab their aching pussies as the blows become almost too much, but at the end Sumiko takes control and works Coco’s cunt over with direct punches and big soccer style kicks.  The girls end up in various positions:  ass in the air, flat on their backs, leaning against the wall, until the final KO. If you remember the movie DUMB AND DUMBER: Jim Carrey kicks a guy in the crotch over and over and then drops down and SPEED BAGS the guy’s crotch.  This is how I want Sumiko to finish Coco!   Shot for shot!  Sumiko kicks Coco in the pussy MANY times then suddenly drops, using her pussy as a speedbag.  Coco’s eyes cross as Sumiko hits a final punch that finishes the fight.  Coco drops, ass in the air, and totally out as Sumiko goes for a victory pose…her bare foot on the loser’s beautiful ass!

It is very hard to go wrong with Sumiko and Coco, there is just too much talent and beauty between these two. These two gals can pretty much bring any custom script to life. This is a great example of that. This is a fast paced cuntbusting battle with some great back and forth action, with some really great ways of turning the tide of the battle. I think it is true, you’re just not going to find a fast paced, action packed cuntbusting battle like this anywhere. Even though I don’t love that all the attacks here are focused on low blows, it is done in such a way it’s hard not to enjoy. The shiny leotards with the thongs backs is another high point. Sumiko and Coco look incredible and the positions the end up in are only helped by the outfit choice. The end of the video is exactly what I would call ridiculous, and you guys should now how much I love ridiculous things. I can’t help but laugh as Sumiko comically speed bag punches Coco’s crotch. Then Coco sells it just perfectly before ending up out cold in the darri-air position for Sumiko victory pose. The only thing I would change about this crazy clip, is just not having every attack be low blows and mix a few different things in there. But the pacing and the back forth action and especially that ending were awesome.

Overall Score: 9.5/10