Review of You messed with the wrong bitch, bitch

Review of DefeatedYou messed with the wrong bitch, bitch – 6 mins

Elizabeth was waiting for Meryl, when she finally shows up, she claims that Elizabeth’s boyfriend is the reason why she was late. Of course this doesn’t sit very well with Elizabeth, who is rightly furious. She grabs Meryl by the hair, telling her that she’s messed with the wrong bitch. She the throws Meryl to the ground and chokes her out with a sleeperhold. Or so she thought. As Elizabeth paces back and forth Meryl suddenly springs to life, grabbing Elizabeth’s leg and taking her to the ground. Meryl mounts Elizabeth and punches her in face until she’s out cold. She then rolls Elizabeth on her belly, pulls her head up by her hair to how off her sleeping face and check her eyes. But one good turn deserves another. As Meryl takes her victory pose, Elizabeth springs to life and drags Meryl to the ground. Elizabeth teaches Meryl a painful lesson starting with some mounted punches to the face and some brutal face smashes into the mats that put Meryl out cold, leaving her drooling all over the mats. Meryl is completely out cold now and is defenseless as Elizabeth snaps her neck. But Elizabeth isn’t done yet, as he hogties Meryl before leaving her in middle of the room.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this is one of those short but sweet vids. Even though it’s only six minutes, there’s a good amount of action involved. We get a quick little set up that gives us a reason why the girls are fighting. There a couple of KOs, as Meryl goes down first, then KOs Elizabeth, but loses in the end. Using the sneak attack/playing possum idea to turn the tides of the match is another good thing. There’s a little OTT reactions, eye checks, ragdolling, light bondage. It’s actually pretty impressive to jam all this stuff into a 6 min package. But as much as it’s a positive thing that all this is action is packed into 6 minutes, it also sucks that this video is only 6 minutes. It’s a shame when you got a good thing going and then it’s over in no time. A few added KOs from both Elizabeth and Meryl would have been nice to see and would have pushed this video over 15 minutes, which would have been great. I just wish Defeated could tell when they got a good thing going and just let it, keep going. Also, I like the outfits here too, a little white vs black, good vs evil look here, although I didn’t really like Meryl’s purple lipstick. Overall, this is a really great clip that is sadly just too short. I wouldn’t pass on this one, because the action is awesome, but you’re probably going to be a little disappointed that it’s over so quickly.

Overall score: 9/10