Review of You look like shit

Review of DefeatedYou look like shit – 25.5 mins

Meryl is in the mat room wearing a skimpy white bikini, flexing, feeling good about herself, when Lilith walks in, in a just as skimpy black bikini. No pleasantries here as the first words out of Lilith’s mouth are, “My bikini looks better than yours!” followed by some back and forth name calling, but it’s Lilith who strikes first, with a knee to the gut that folds Meryl in half. Lilith presses her advantage and kicks off a beat down on our local redhead. After several well executed submission holds and some nipple torture, Lilith KOs Meryl with a sleeper hold. She than takes a second to remove Meryl’s bikini top before going for her ten count pin. Some victory poses follow, as Lilith stands proud over her sleeping victim. But out of nowhere, Meryl springs to life nailing a low blow to the once proud fighter who instantly crumbles to the mats, grabbing her crotch. Meryl springs up, filled with new life, powered by rage and begins her own beat down on the now suffering blond. Meryl dominates with a similar range of submission holds, of course adding in some nipple torture and humiliation along the way to fully payback Lilith for her earlier actions. Lilith consciousness ends with a sleeper hold, but unfortunately for her, that that is not the end of her beating. Meryl gets her ten count pin, but isn’t quite done with Lilith just yet. She tells Lilith that she looks like shit in that bikini and then continues her beat down on a completely KO’d opponent. Several more submission holds are applied to the defeated jobber, who’s only response is moaning in pain and a little light twitching. Finally after several minutes of ragdolling the beaten blond Meryl is finally satisfied, leaving Lilith face down, ass up, in the middle of the mats. We still might not be sure as too who looked better in their bikinis, but Meryl left us no room for doubt as to who came out on top in this battle.

Back with more Defeated action for you and this time Lilith and Meryl share harsh word, before sharing even harsher submission holds. Nothing too fancy about this one, just girls having a fight about how looks better and honestly, it doesn’t matter, we win as we get to see these two tiny and sexy ladies bring the pain upon each other. Which means we get to see both Lilith and Meryl on the losing side and they are both really great jobbers. Lilith and Meryl have definitely become quite the jobbers over the last few months, both of them responsible for some great matches in the recent past. But best of all, this match has a great ragdoll ending. Meryl isn’t happy with just knocking out Lilith and taking the pin and the win. She comes back for more and Lilith stays out for several lovely ragdoll submission holds, with a nothing more than a little twitching and some moaning in pain. Nothing super OTT, which is nice to see from time to time, something that isn’t flat KOs, but also not the kind of OTT insanity I often encourage. Of course the ragdolling section steals the show for me, but the whole match is done really well, it sexy and it brutal and easily worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10