Review of You can’t stop me

Review of DefeatedYou can’t stop me – 20 mins

Julia comes to Alexa and tells her she plan to fuck her boyfriend. Alexa is rightfully pissed off by this comment and challenges her to fight. The ladies strip down to bikinis, showing off their amazing fit bodies and get to the action. Alexa, fueled by anger takes control right away, torturing Julia with some nice wrestling holds, like a crossface, sleepers, leg spreaders, smothers and scissors. Just when you think Alexa is going to dominate the whole battle, Julia is able to escape one of her holds and turn the tide on Alexa. From here on out Julie remains in control dominating Alexa with a set of her own wrestling holds. A final sleeper hold KOs Alexa. Julia does a leg hook pin for a 10 count and takes her victory pose over her fallen foe, before reminding us that she’s leaving her to go fuck Alexa’s boyfriend.

Some more Defeated action for you guys and this one slipped through the cracks when it was released, but I’m taking a moment to step back and cover it for you guys now. I always like to point out new reasons behind our ladies doing battle, but sometimes times a good old fashioned fight over a man, like this, works great. These ladies, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, are super sexy and in fantastic shape, but not only that, they both can sell really good too. I was kind of pulling for Alexa as she’s the one fighting to keep her boyfriend to herself, but once she started losing, I realized that she is definitely the better jobber of the two, giving us better reactions and I think she’s a bit more flexible as well. Also the faces Julia makes at times really look like she’s trying as hard as she can to break Alexa in two. The moves here are simple, but they’re executed well and sold beautifully. Top things off with a nice KO and leg hook pin and this ends up being a pretty good, somewhat one sided battle, with the ruthless Julia and her evil smile posing over the sexy and defeated Alexa. These two ladies are a hell of a find and anytime either one of them are involved in a fight, I’ll be certainly checking it out.

Overall Score: 9/10