Review of Yoga’s Not Going to Help You Fight

Review of DefeatedYoga’s Not Going to Help You Fight – 21.5 mins

Stella and Valerie a both hopefuls to be a new teaches at this yoga studio. They stretch next to each other as the await interviews. It doesn’t take long before the competition boils over. Valerie starts telling Stella that she’s doing the moves wrong, Stella shows Valerie just how flexible she can be, and then Valerie challenges Stella to a match and Stella confidently accepts. Valerie pushes Stella not once, but twice, after the second time Stella attacks, locking on a sleeper hold. Stella doesn’t KO Valerie, but she could have, instead she puts Valerie through several submission holds trying to prove her dominance, a figure four head scissors, a crossface, and a camel clutch. Stella then rips off Valerie’s clothes revealing a bikini underneath. Stella makes the mistake of allowing Valerie back to her feet. Now a pissed off Valerie get the chance to fight back and she does. Valerie takes control of Stella and it’s now Stella turn to suffer. Valerie too starts with a sleeper hold, then an arm bar with a HOM smother, a figure four head scissors , a knee across the throat, a crossface, a camel clutch , a side headscissors and some nipple torture before Valerie removes Stella top and finishes Stella off with a dragon sleeper and a final sleeper to put Stella down. Valerie hooks Stella leg for a slow and easy ten count pin before holds Stella up into a sitting position, takes her victory pose and announces herself as the winner, not only of the match but for the job as well.

More Defeated action for you guys and this time we get another Stella defeat, but not a squash, as she does get some time in control. But first I must say two things. One, I hate wigs, they almost never look good, or convincing or anywhere near like they’re supposed to. 90% of wigs you can see for 6 miles away and I can’t for the life of me understand why wear one, even if you have no hair, example, Galas at times, would be better than a wig. And I mentioned 90% of wigs, that remaining 10%, Defeated’s Janelle, that’s about it. Second thing, Valerie and this green bikini, there’s actually nothing wrong with her or that bikini, aside from the fact that she wears it in 95% of her videos. Why? I wish I knew, but I really would love to see her in something else, anything else. OK…. Sorry, just had to get those things off my chest. Now as for this video, minus the bikini and the wig, everything is really good. I like the little storyline set up, having the girls fight for employment. I like that we do get to see a little of Valerie on the losing side, as she’s been a really good seller, but also continues to improve and I love that we get to see Stella dominated in the end. Stella, my favorite and arguably the best jobber at Defeated, is always a pleasure to see her lose. I also like the workout outfits the girls started in and the striping of them by their opponents, always good to see some clothing getting ripped off during a fight. The selling isn’t over the top, but we do get great eye reactions from both girls. I even liked the victory pose at the end, again, minus the wig. So in the end, despite my ranting, this is nice clips with good action and two great ladies that give us a show.

Overall Score: 9/10