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Review of Crimini ItalianiYoga time – 27 mins

Valerie is in her bedroom room doing yoga with her back to the door, when Meryl the assassin slowly sneaks in behind her. Valerie has no idea Meryl is there, and Meryl grabs Valerie by the throat, locking her fingers in the front. Valerie is surprised, tilting her head back and coughing/choking, and grabs Meryl’s wrists, desperately trying to break free, but Meryl is persistent. After a while Valerie is able to break free by elbowing Meryl in the belly. Valerie turns around to face Meryl and grabs her throat, squeezing her Adams apple TIGHT with her thumbs. Meryl tilts her head back, coughing/choking and grabs Valerie’s wrists trying to break free. After a couple minutes Meryl grabs Valerie’s throat, squeezing her Adams apple TIGHT with her thumbs. They choke each other for a couple minutes, until Valerie lets go to try and free herself from Meryl’s dominant grip. Meryl then throws Valerie to the ground, and Valerie tries to crawl away. Meryl takes off one of her stockings while Valerie is crawling away and wraps it around her throat, crossing it in the back and pulling TIGHT. (Please have the stocking right above Valerie’s Adams apple, to accentuate her throat.) Meryl is standing behind Valerie and pulls Valerie up, so now Valerie kneeling in front of her, while Meryl is standing behind Valerie. Valerie tilts her head back coughing/choking, and grabs Meryl’s wrists, desperately trying to loosen her grip, but to no avail. This lasts a while, then Meryl pulls Valerie up to her feet, still choking her with the stocking. This lasts a couple minutes, when Valerie is finally able to break free. Valerie crawls onto her bed trying to reach the cell phone on a nightstand on the other side, but Meryl is on top of her, choking her with the stocking again. They roll around on the bed, Valerie trying to escape while Meryl keeps the stocking tight around her throat. This is when they end up in the position of the image at the bottom, Meryl staring at Valerie’s throat, admiring her work as she her. After a few minutes of that, Meryl positions herself with her back to the back of the bed and pulls Valerie in front of her. Meryl wraps her legs around Valerie’s waist, but Valerie’s arms are free so she can still resist. Valerie tilts her head back coughing/choking, grabbing Meryl’s wrists desperately trying to break free, but Meryl is determined to defeat her. Meryl is toying with Valerie, pulling the stockings TIGHT, then releasing very briefly so Valerie can get a breath, but Meryl immediately pulls them tight again. Meryl does this multiple times. This lasts a couple minutes, when Valerie sees a heavy object (doesn’t matter what it is) on the nightstand and grabs it, using it to strike Meryl in the head. Meryl lets go of the stocking and is dazed. Valerie frees herself, stands off the bed near the edge, and pulls Meryl’s head over to the edge of the bed, so its hanging off. Valerie grabs a cell phone charger off the nightstand and wraps it around Meryl’s throat TIGHT, crossing it in the front right above Meryl’s Adams apple. This lasts a couple minutes, and Meryl is able to sit up, with Valerie still behind her. In a last ditch effort to escape, Meryl rolls off the bed onto the ground. Valerie keeps the cord tight, and kneels behind Meryl while Meryl is sitting, struggling to break free. This lasts a couple minutes, until Valerie lays on her back, pulling Meryl on top of her. Valerie wraps her legs around Meryl’s waist, and finishes what Meryl started.

Got another review from my other favorite Italian production and we got some really familiar faces staring in this one as Meryl and Valerie go at each other with some spy vs spy action, or maybe not spy vs spy, but assassin who gets assassinated action… Ahh, call it whatever, Meryl tries to take out Valerie with a sneak attack and after a long struggle it’s Meryl who gets taken out. The vid is filled with lots of struggling, lots of coughing choking, a little tongue protrusion, a bit of drooling and of course a death stare at the end. Both Valerie and Meryl sell this great, it’s definitely quiet the hard fight for their lives. I love that Valerie was able to take control from Meryl being too cocky, giving Valerie the time she needed to find something and hit Meryl over the head with it. I also like that Meryl lost in the end, it’s not too often that we see the intended assassin get taking out by her intended target. Definitely a vid with checking out for all your assassin, stocking strangling needs.

Overall Score: 8.5/10