Review of Ynes Knock Out

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Review of BaeFightYnes Knock Out – 14 mins

Something different from us. A silly knockout video. Ynes says she heard people talking that she couldn’t knock herself out and boy does she prove them wrong. With a number of different weapons including an actual major league, game used bat, a book, her shoe, a taser (!!!), and more. . . Each one sees her staggering before going out.  After she has proven her doubters wrong, she gets ready to hit the pool but she hears the camera man laughing at her. So, in her bikini, she decides to teach him a lesson. For a  pretty cool few minutes, she punches, knees, and finally stomps him until he ends up KO’d.

After I reviewed a BaeFight videos some time ago, apparently you guys hit them up asking for some silly KO vids, (thank you) and shortly there after they made this video, which I took forever to review (because my memory sucks), but I’m here now to tell you guys about BaeFight’s one and only (I think) silly KOs video. So I was warned that the producer hasn’t done this sort of video before and doesn’t really know the ins and outs of what fans of silly KOs look for. With that in mind, I have to say he did pretty good. First of all, he chose a great girl for it. Ynes is actually pretty good at this, she has all she need to be great at this kind of stuff. Even though there’s not a lot of it, she can roll her eyes really good. There is a lot of tongue protrusion, which Ynes is also good at and she was in general light hearted and funny. She used a lot of different things to KO herself with and she ended up in a bunch of different positions, even one scene had some drooling. So overall, is this a ground breaking must see video? Not really, but for someone just taking a shot at doing something they’re new to, this was a really solid attempt and I hope they try again. And I know, most of us want to see Jessica try it, she seems to already be the fan favorite. So maybe that could happen.  

Overall Score: 8/10