Review of xx BOX n SOX xx

Review of Modest Moms Wrestlingxx BOX n SOX xx – 10.5 mins

Oddly enough, I didn’t find a description for this video, so briefly I’ll explain… Alexandria takes on Athena in a boxing match. Alex actually holds her own for a little while, instead of being completely dominated for the entire video, even gaining a knockdown on Athena. But, that doesn’t last long, soon enough Athena takes control of the match up and Alexandria ends up being a punch drunken mess, easy for the dominating. Athena soon gains her 10 count KO, but she isn’t quite done with Alex just yet. She takes Alex out of the ring for, a sleeper hold until a verbal submission and a little extra humiliation, with a mouth stuffed with cash and posing for some photos before leaving Alexandria laying outside of the ring.  

A little boxing action here from Modest Moms Wrestling and this isn’t a rare occasion either, there is a great selection of boxing battles over at MMW. This one is, as the title might suggest, about boxing in socks. This one isn’t a total squash, as Alex does put up a little fight before getting crushed. I do love Alex’s punch drunkenness, with the eye rolling and missed punches are great to watch. I not too big on the socks though, I personally prefer boots, but even bare feet are better than socks in my opinion. The KO near the end is alright, as Alex ends up under the ropes and hanging out of the ring a bit. The humiliation is good, at the end. I love taking pictures of your defeated foes, but what really would have put this over the edge for me is if Alex was out cold for this section. I can see it now… Alex out cold, drooling, twitching, mouth stuffed with cash as Athena holds her head up by her hair and takes pictures with her phone… Now that would have been epic. But overall, it’s a good vid, the punch drunken beat down section is the highlight for me. There is one other thing I would like to mention, not really related to the match or the performances of Alex or Athena and that is the background music throughout the entire vid. I don’t know what it is, but it drives me nuts, I don’t like having some music playing through the whole vid, it’s good for intros and outros, maybe even certain moments during the match, like other productions do, but having a repetitive “beat” going on the entire time makes me crazy. I would love to see that cease and desist immediately.

Overall score: 8.5/10