Review of Xtreme Boston Crabs

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Review of UK Dream WrestlersXtreme Boston Crabs – 10 mins

This one sided match is all about dirty, vicious Boston crabs. Britain’s Lisa King completely dominates Orsi B from Hungary, trapping her in pro wrestling’s infamous submission hold to claw and punch her crotch as well as attack her thighs and pull hard on her hair. Orsi also gets her ankles and legs worked over and her ass – exposed in a pink thong leotard and footless shiny tights – is used as a punch bag. Lisa wears footed shimmer pantyhose and there are wardrobe malfunctions as her strappy silver leotard struggles to contain her chest!

Got a new production here for you guys, UK Dream Wrestlers, obviously from the UK, has emerged, looking to specialize in some sexy pro style action, has delivered this clip with the well-known (to me, at least) Lisa King vs and new name, (again, to me at least) Orsi B. The timing of this clip is actually interesting, as a personal favorite production of mine has recently moves to Hungary and employed the services of Orsi, so I think we’ll be getting to know her a little better in due time, but more on that later. In this vid Lisa absolutely crushes Orsi, showing how experience (almost) always wins. Lisa tortures Orsi with several submission holds, but it’s mostly focused on using boston crabs and doing everything she can to humiliate poor Orsi, with hair pulling, crotch grabbing and of course plenty of verbal punishment as well. I think the selling here is good, I don’t have anything to compare Orsi’s selling to, but she was convincing the whole time. I like the outfits, of course having jobbers wear pink is a favorite for me. I’m not a barefoot fan, per se, but I was happy that Orsi’s pantyhose exposed her bare feet, it’s a better look then “webbed toes” look you get from pantyhose covering the feet. And even those Lisa was winning, she did look great in her silver suit and I will not complain about her wardrobe issues throughout the match. There are no KOs, but Orsi is left lying in the ring at the end. Overall, it’s a nice pro squash, nothing too fancy, but Lisa was mean, merciless and totally dominate. I would like to see more squashes from these guys, one that isn’t all about submission holds and humiliation, but is brutal with a KO finish at least. I’ll be keeping an eye on them though, they’ve earned that.

Overall Score: 8/10