Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #50!

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #50! – 20 mins

Recently we saw the astonishing return of the very FIRST XCW Champion, Nina Kwan! Why has she come back to XCW? To regain her title? To get revenge on The Marquise? Or just to beat up some more sexy helpless damsels??? Well, one of the XCW wrestlers that Nina completely destroyed in the past was Melina “Little Feather” Mason. But now her big sister has arrived, Vanessa “Sweet Feather” Mason, and she is looking for revenge! The stunning brunette (played by Vanessa Veracruz) calls out Nina Kwan, and soon gets exactly what she asked for! Nina is not fooling around, as she subjects little Vanessa to a brutal chair shot, kicks, splashes, and then the usual Nina Kwan breast and pussy destruction!! Soon Vanessa is utterly helpless, and can barely lift a finger to defend herself! This only intensifies Nina Kwan’s lust for dominance, as she proceeds to sexually humiliate the (formerly) proud native just like her little sister!! It looks like Nina Kwan is back and means business!!!

As far as storyline goes, this episode feels like pretty much a filler, as ladies come and go and XCW is sort of a reset right now, or so I assume, as that would explain the infrequency or releases lately. But as far as content goes, this one is right through the uprights for what I expect to see from XCW and especially when it’s Nina Kwan running the show. Vanessa Mason is stunning and does a pretty good job selling this crushing and humiliating defeat. As I expect with Nina, most of the beating is pretty sexual, lots of sexy crotch and breast attacking. We get some stripping and of course a forces orgasm at the end, with Nina giving a few more kicks to the back of the defeated Vanessa. This could be as start new storyline which would be great, but after a beating like that it wouldn’t be shocking if we don’t see Victoria again. I love XCW action, but the story us also a great part of it was well. Hopefully they can get a good group to stick around for a while and get some super sweet storylines going again and I hope Ela Darling comes back in the head ref role again too. And it doesn’t have to be but hopefully we can see something soon.

Overall score: 8.5/10