Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #49

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #49 – 31 mins

In recent episodes, we’ve seen the former champion GI Jewell get beaten, brutalized, destroyed, humiliated, and just generally obliterated by The Mean Girls, Christie Stevens and Jessica Ryan. We’ve not seen Jewell since the Mean Girls threw her a vicious “retirement party” back in episode #43. Well GI Jewell is in the XCW Arena TONIGHT! But first, the XCW Champion, Christie Stevens, introduces us to the ADORABLE and SEXY Gia Paige. (Seriously, imagine the face of Mila Kunis and the booty of J-Lo; I think I must have dreamed her into existence!) It looks like Christie is going to give the inexperienced Gia a shot at the title! But after a little sexual domination, Gia is putty in Christie’s hands, as the cruel champ targets Gia’s vulnerable pussy before knocking her out with a series of Mean Girl Drops! Naturally this brings the heroic GI Jewell out to make the save–but in no time Christie is DOMINATING Jewell once again! It looks like Jewell hasn’t been training, since Christie renders her helpless with ease. But this isn’t enough for the Mean Girl: Christie wants to prove to everyone that GI JEWELL IS A SLUT!!! Will she succeed??

One thing this description forgot to mention is that the cocky XCW champ puts herself and Jewel in a first blood match, trying humiliate Jewell even more. I’m not going to tell you how that works out, but it is interesting. As usual, I always like a lot fighting in these XCW videos with a little sexual humiliation on the side. I have to say this one did a great job of mixing them together. There was still a lot of sexual stuff, but enough fighting bits mixed in to keep my interest. The new girl, Gia Paige, is definitely a great looking girl, perfect for the babyface role and has a truly incredible ass. Also much to my pleasure she spent at least half the video completely out cold and we get plenty of looks back at her sleeping the day away while Christy works over Jewell. It seems Jewell is taking back the main stage as Lucky has unfortunately disappeared from the XCW. And even though no one ever comes to save Jewell she can never stop herself from attempting to rescue someone in need and as usual she pays the price for her heroism, as both her and Gia get left laid out in the ring. The future story of XCW is always the major question as these videos are always entertaining, but we just can’t tell where’s it going next and that question is front and center again. What is next for the XCW? Are we going to have someone returning, or more new faces, or are The Mean Girls and GI Jewel going to continue their feud? Who knows, but I know I can’t wait to find out.

Overall score: 9/10