Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #47!

Review of Combat FetishX Club Wrestling Episode #47! – 33 Mins

hhproWe begin with one of the Mean Girls, Jessica Ryan, paying a visit to head XCW official, Ela Darling, at Ela’s house. The Mean Girls want to make sure that current XCW champion Christie Stevens will win against the new #1 contender, Lucky O’Shea, and Jessica is prepared to do whatever it takes (to Ela) to make sure that happens! It turns out, however, that Lucky was so badly injured by The Dominator last week that she hasn’t been cleared to wrestle! Of course, Jessica decides to have some fun with the hapless XCW referee anyway, and ravishes her after rendering helpless with a heart punch! Then we join “Nasty” Annie Gunn as she finally decides to set Karlie “The Bitch” Montana free. (Poor Karlie has been Annie’s sex slave for several months now!) But not before ONE MORE ravishing, as Annie fucks Karlie with a dildo and then face-sits her to orgasm! But Annie isn’t done yet–turns out she arranged to have a match… with Karlie! Of course, Karlie is too weak to muster up any defense, and is brutally DESTROYED and rag dolled by the cruel Annie! And when Karlie manages to actually hurt Annie, things get REALLY vicious!

Two of my favorites to see beaten and humiliated over at XCW are Ela and Karlie. So you know its good news for me when there’s an episode surrounded around the destruction them both. I really liked the surprise visit Ela gets, it’s a really nice way of hyping up the upcoming video with Lucky, which I can’t wait to see and makes us wonder if Ela will be the impartial ref, like she’s supposed to be, or follow Jessica’s demands. Or maybe Christie will find another way to cheat, who knows? But I can’t wait to find out. Either way, Ela gets easily dominated and sexually humiliated, which is always very sexy and nice to see. I just love how helpless and weak Ela always is. Next is a moment I have been waiting for, Annie is finally setting Karlie free from her sexy slavery punishment. I loved all of the sex slave stuff, but I am ready to see what’s going to happen next. Of course Annie can’t just let Karlie go without humiliating her one more time. Karlie is still totally out of it and Annie does as she pleases with her, including having a little match. Karlie does show a little sign of still having some life in her, fighting back for a second, so maybe she won’t be timid and broken like I suspected. But Karlie pays for that sign of life and is quickly dominated again and KO’d. This episode was a little more sexually focused then my favorites are but it has perfectly set up the championship match with Lucky and Karlie regaining her freedom, both are stories that I can’t wait to find out where they go.

Overall score: 9/10