Review of X Club Wrestling Episode #45!

Review of Combat Fetish X Club Wrestling Episode #45! – 41 Mins

HHPROIn past weeks we’ve seen Karlie “The Bitch” Montana turned into “Nasty” Annie Gunn’s helpless, whimpering sex slave! Before our main event tonight, we check in with Annie, who demonstrates yet another lovely benefit of having a helpless, beautiful, and totally submissive woman at one’s mercy!! Suffice to say that Karlie’s vulnerable body is subjected to some brutal punishment! Then it’s time for our main event: a Number 1 Contender’s Match between The Dominator and Lucky O’Shea!! Everyone knows just how powerful the Dominator is, but Lucky has been on a most impressive winning streak as well; does the rookie spitfire have a chance against such a vicious foe? Things don’t look good for Lucky when the special guest referee is revealed: none other than the former XCW champion, and the Dominator’s close ally, The Marquise!! The two heels immediately use their numbers advantage to gang up on, and brutalize, the hapless Lucky! Lucky tries to muster a defense, but to no avail–the combined strength of The Dominator and The Marquise is too much for her; especially when they pull out a dildo and begin to sexually dominate and humiliate the beautiful redhead!! Can Lucky possibly overcome these odds and win a shot at Christie Stevens’s XCW title??

What a show this was, I literally get everything I could hope for all in one episode. Not only do I get to see Karlie and Lucky, but also Lucky takes a brutal beating yet still manages to come out with a win against unbelievable odds. So first, let’s talk about Karlie’s part. I am still absolutely loving the situation Karlie got her herself in. This time Annie is showing off how she uses Karlie for her workouts. Karlie is a human punching bag, that doesn’t even have to be tied up. She’s so weak and out of it she can barely stand on her own while Annie punches, kicks and of course sexually humiliates her. Even though I am loving every bit of Annie’s domination/ownership of Karlie, this month long penalty should be almost over and I really wonder what Karlie is going to be like once she gets her freedom back. Maybe she’ll have Stockholm syndrome? Moving on to Lucky’s match, things start out looking really bad as The Marquise comes in as the special guest referee. It doesn’t take long for The Marquise to become less of a referee and more of a tag partner. The team beat the crap out of Lucky. I am really love how much physical punishment Lucky suffered through in this one, got a couple KOs and lots of that great XCW style of brutality. Lucky is an amazing seller and I love it when she’s on the losing side, but Lucky’s been known for these crazy comeback wins and I’ve been asking for “power face” to put some wins in for the “good guys”. Well, Lucky does it again in amazing fashion, taking out both the Dominator and The Marquise, stealing another win and becoming the #1 contender for Christie title. This episode does it all for me, checking in with Karlie, the sex slave, beating the crap out of Lucky for quite some time and yet still Lucky comes out with the win. I am loving XCW more and more with every episode. I can’t wait to see the title match and what will happen next with Karlie.

Overall Score: 9.9/10