Review of Wrong House = Limp Time

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasWrong House = Limp Time – 16 mins

Constance just arrived home and was planning on relaxing but as she went into her living room a woman- Keri came up behind her and held a cloth over her nose and mouth. Constance struggled and tried to fight but the fumes were too strong. She was rendered limp against Keri. Keri then proceeded to drag her further into the LR and ragdolled her body. Constance woke up a few more times and Keri used her legs, a sleeperhold and a syringe to make her limp again. Keri also stripped Constance down to her bra & panties. As Keri was looking around the house, Constance came to and grabbed her and asked what she was doing in her house. Keri said she was just trying to sell her panties. Constance doesn’t need panties so she head-bonked Keri with a blackjack stick. Keri was rendered helpless.  Constance then ragdolled Keri’s body. Keri woke up a few more times, but Constance used a mask, a sleeperhold and a few others to keep her limp.

A nice knock outs vid here, from Constance, featuring Keri Spectrum and this turns into a nice win/win situation for me. First we get some Constance KOs and limp play, which is always great, nice KOs, nice reactions and great limp play. Then just when you think that Keri’s got everything in control, Constance wakes up and makes the comeback. Now it’s Keri’s turn to be on the receiving end of some KOs and limp. Of course Keri sells these great too, and gets stripped down as well, for a nice show. I like that I got to have both Keri and Constance get KO’d and stripped down, because I love seeing them both on the losing side and this being done in two halves instead of a back and forth deal, also fills my love the one sided action. Overall, it’s simple, nice eye rolling, limp play, number of KOs and is just well done.

Overall Score: 9/10