Review of Wrestling Match ends into limp play

Review of DefeatedWrestling Match ends into limp play (Stella Vs Lilith) – 16 Mins

The match starts with Stella imprisoning Lilith in some bodyscissors. Lilith gets flexed and she can’t escape from Stella’s scissors. Stella folds Lilith with her ass up, having her ass free to spank! Stella then traps her into bearhugs destroying Lilith, she locks her on the floor again pulling her hair. Lilith is totally locked and in pain, helpless, Stella having fun of her pinching her nipples, before KOing with a powerful bearhug. The fun continues with Stella, who performs a limp play with Lilith’s body. She victory poses over her and she leave the room.

More Defeated action coming at you and this one turns out to be another bad day for Lilith as she is dominated by Stella. Right away the skinny little jobber is over powered my Stella and stays at her mercy for the entire video. Lilith struggles as hard as she can but she’s no match for Stella and get trapped in several different hold have Lilith folded up and helpless, even a getting a few solid slaps on the ass. I love the positions Lilith ends up getting folded into, not even having a free arm or anything to try and goes loose. And when she is free, Lilith is too exhausted to even attempt fighting back or making an escape. Stella is a great heel, trash talking Lilith and just being generally evil. Lilith gets KO’d with a nice bear hug, then Stella takes a few minutes to play with her limp body, folding her up on into more humiliation positions and playing with her limp limb. I definitely love Lilith, she’s such a cute and sexy little thing and when she’s out, she’s totally limp and lifeless, she looks amazing as Stella plays with her. I’m happy to see more vids with Lilith taking better beatdowns then when she started and I know it will continue to get better from her. I look forward to it.

Overall Score: 9.5/10