Review of Wrestling girls (New comers Valerie Vs Eden Mal)

Review of DefeatedWrestling girls (New comers Valerie Vs Eden Mal) – 23.5 Mins

defeatedFirst Part: Valery gets the upper hand on Eden utilizing wrestling moves including the crippler crossface, sleeperhold, camel clutch with hand over mouth and headscissors with hand over mouth. Second part: Eden completely dominates Valery utilizing wrestling moves including the crippler crossface, sleeperhold, camel clutch, armbar, figure four headscissors with hand over mouth , headlock, knee over throat choke, abdominal stretch with breast rake, breast smother, various other wrestling and domination tactics. Eden finishes off Valery with an elongated standing sleeperhold that transitions into a kneeling sleeperhold and finally a rearnaked chokehold. Once Valery is, Eden goes for a 10 count leghook pin all the while talking trashing to Valery throughout the match. Eden then goes for a sexy victory pose over her, and force her to lick her feet!

Back with more Defeated action for you guys this time with two brand new wrestlers in what I would consider the most prostyle wrestling video from Defeated so far. I say they because there’s a good number of wrestling holds used in this one, not just different kinds of scissor hold and it ends with a ten count pin. The new ladies are both gorgeous and do a good job selling and executing the holds. The moves aren’t perfect, but they’re close and their selling helps a lot. Although Valerie started out strong she loses control pretty early and is dominated for the rest of the video. I liked that they start out in street clothes, then Valerie gets stripped after a verbal submission and then Eden strips herself before continuing her dominance. Also it’s a nice touch during the final victory pose there is some forced foot licking. I mean, this is Defeated after all you should always expect the possibility of some foot humiliation going down. Overall, two beautiful new talents added to the defeated roster, a good first impression by both ladies and some nice prostyle action all making for a pretty great video.

Overall score: 9/10