Review of Wrestling Boxers

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsWrestling Boxers – 10 Mins

boxTwo beautiful and tough looking women enter the ring and take their corners. There are no words exchanged between them but you can tell by their eyes that this is going to be a nasty fight! They’ve agreed to a boxing match with wrestling holds allowed and when the bell rings the blond (Becca) wins the lock up and quickly has the brunette (Madison) over her knee in a back breaker! Several belly punches knock the wind out of Madison and she’s soon in the corner getting punched out by Becca’s hard boxing gloves. Becca is clearly in charge as she puts her opponent in the ropes for a surfboard hold then snap mares her to the mat! A hard uppercut seems to nearly knock Madison out but when Becca goes for a clothesline, Madison turns the tables! Becca is now at the brunette’s mercy as she feels the pain of a surfboard, a dragon sleeper/belly punch combo, corner punches to the face and body, scissor holds with more hard punches, and finally a HUGE uppercut that knocks the beauty out for good! We’re treated to a long sequence of Madison’s dominant victory poses over the unconscious Becca to make this powerful fight one that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection!

This is a really interesting and unique video. First thing is even though the girls are wearing boxing gloves they do mostly wrestling holds, hence the title, but they also throw in as much punching as they can, whether in a hold or with one of them hung up in the corner. The next interesting thing is they ladies don’t share a word, not one word is uttered the whole video, which was really noticeable to me. I love some good trash talking and it was just different to not have any at all. Madison and Becca do throw some mean looks at each other early in the match, but once the battle starts its all action. Speaking of action, the fighting in this was great. Madison struggles through the first half, that comes back to win it. The combination of wrestling and boxing makes for some great moves that have punches add to them. And they both sell fantastically, reacting to the punches perfectly, flawless punch-drunk reactions as well and a great final KO punch. I also like the outfits, the unique one pieces look great. You’re not going to find a video quite like this every day and I think that alone makes this very cool video worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9.5/10