Review of Wounded Prey

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Review of Women’s Mat WrestlingWounded Prey – 25 mins

Sumiko finds herself over matched against the much larger Kathy Owens! Kathy viciously stalks her prey and delivers painful leg locks, chokes and pro wrestling moves to poor Sumiko. Sumiko asks Kathy for mercy but the butcher shows her none!

It’s Sumiko squash time again and right off the bat, let me get the huge problem with this video out of the way. Just like last time I covered a Sumiko squash with the awesome Kathy Owens, the camera is pretty much on a tripod, as once again the camera man is literally bound to the corner. That’s the worst thing you can do when you’re lucky enough to have an extra hand around to work the camera for you. The rest of this video however, is fabulous. Kathy once again absolutely crushes the gorgeous Sumiko and takes so much joy in doing so. This time though, and as the title suggests, Sumiko comes in with a previous injury, which is her knee, and of course the main target for Kathy to attack. So there’s lots of leg torture, which leads to lots of begging and pleading from Sumiko, but we get a good handful of KOs too. A key point to this match is that Sumiko always sells the leg injury, which I’ve seen vids where major injuries are just “healed” magically minutes into a match because the girl forgets to keep selling it, but of course Sumiko is too good for such mistakes. This is an idea that I feel we just don’t see enough, I mean they do the whole “entering a match with a pervious injury” all the time on TV and I would love to see that happen more in our world. Overall, it’s a Sumiko squash, so of course it’s worth checking out, duh, even with the camera on a human tripod.

Overall Score: 8.5/10