Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldWORKING OUT WITH Merry MEOW – 15 Mins

MerryWe fade in on Angel Lee in the middle of a yoga workout.  As she stretches, Merry Meow enters wearing a workout outfit and carrying a small fan. She tells Angel that she has booked the room for the day in order to premiere her new work out show, scheduled to go live online within a few minutes. Angel tells her that she paid Sleeperkid cash (with the paperwork to prove it) for the room and tells her to leave. Merry retaliates by smashing her in the head with the fan and knocking her out instantly. She drags Angel away as we slowly fade into her workout routine. A very bubbly Merry Meow starts off with a few stretches, as an angry Angel emerges from the locker room. She slowly approaches and attacks, trapping Mary and a sleeper hold. Mary struggles but slowly fades away as Angel smiles. Noticing that the show is streaming live, Angel decides to make an example of Mary by destroying her before going back to her yoga routine!  What follows is one hell of a one-sided squash, with the unfortunate Mary taking a massive beating from the powerful Angel Lee!

This is one of those videos, where the outfits really made me hope for one girl to be defeated. Merry looks so great in her 90s workout gear, she just had to lose this one. It also helps that Merry is also a great jobber, which another reason why I rooted for her demise. So, obviously, I love how this video turned out. I do have to admit however, as good as Merry and Angel looked in their respective workout gear, the stretching scenes did go on a little bit too long for me, even though Merry’s “air humping” exercise was hilarious. I like this set up, with SK, again, double booking his mat room, forcing the ladies to sort it out on their own, which in the end, does go well for Merry at all. I absolutely love Merry’s selling, great struggling, awesome eyerolling and just really looks great doing it. This is just moving her a few more notches up on my favorites list. I also really enjoyed the idea of this being on a live stream and having Angel talk to the camera while she’s beating up and mocking Merry. That definitely added some great fun to this. Angel was smooth and witty while humiliating Merry. So, even though the stretching and the great set up took a little more of the overall time then I would have liked, we still got a really fun one sided destruction of the wonderful Merry Meow, in her sexy, 90s, bright yellow workout gear, and that’s something you just don’t want to miss.

Overall Score: 9.5/10