Review of Work Fight

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Review of Kayla ObeyWork Fight – 9 mins

I like to wear shirts that ride up while I reach or stretch while I’m at work. I like the attention from the men and making the other women jealous. I have one particular rival who gets extra jealous when she sees my exposed belly. One day, as I was reaching up, she jabbed her finger into my bellybutton really hard. It hurt! Then she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me all around our workplace, bending my back over the furniture, trying to teach me a lesson. She poked my bellybutton hard as I was stretched out and bent. It felt like she wanted to stretch my ab muscles too far. The next day, she attacks me while I’m at work again, but instead of poking my bellybutton she punches me hard as I’m extremely bent back over the furniture. Each punch into my exposed belly is slow and hard and causes me to sit upright, eyes bulging, before falling back into my arched position limp. It was really embarrassing to get my belly beat in front of all my coworkers. I could feel her knuckles digging into me and wanted to get away but couldn’t. It felt like she wanted to break my back in half. I still wanted to make her mad, and I wasn’t just going to lay there limp again this time! As I was reaching up, she got me by surprise and punched me hard in the stomach as my shirt was up. I wrapped my arms around my stomach to protect myself but she outsmarted me and started pulling on my arm hairs! The pain was so great I pulled my arms away and she started to again punch my belly. She arched me over a bunch of different furniture and between punching my tummy she would pull on my arm and the little hairs on my stomach.

This is a pretty unique clips from Kayla, she describes the beating while stretching out her arms and showing of her belly, as well as acting out of few of the scenes and selling the belly punches. It a mix of her just showing off that beautiful belly of hers and her beating herself up a bit when she reenacts the stories she’s describing. I found myself much more entranced with this video that I ever would have thought, this video not only gives us a really get look that Kayla’s fit belly, but the rest of her body as well, as she twists and turns, bends and flexes, and it was just hard for me to take my eyes off the screen. I’ve watched this movie several times and every time is it’s been the same for me, I just get locked in. The only thing I don’t love about this one is the arm hair thing, it’s never really done anything for me, but it’s such a small part of this video that it didn’t distract me, and I would have been nice is she sold more of the belly punches but, this one is still much sexier than I ever thought it would be.

Overall Score: 9/10