Review of Wonder Slumber

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Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilWonder Slumber – 22 mins

Luna wakes up on the couch and she just knows she is late for work. Luna races to put her pantyhose on quickly, then the rest of her clothes. Luna was sleeping in just bra and panties. Vonka comes behind Luna and makes her go back to sleep. Vonka lifts and carries Luna to the couch once her body is completely limp. Vonka takes off Luna’s heels that she had just put back on. Vonka plays with Luna’s limp body for a little while. Vonka uses another set of pantyhose to gag Luna. Luna wakes up and Vonka immediately puts her back out. Vonka gets an important phone call about whether she has Luna or not. She does but in the middle of her conversation Luna wakes up again. Vonka has no other choice but to put her back to sleep. Vonka plays with Luna’s limp body some more, she then removes the pantyhose gag and replaces it with tape. Vonka replaces the white cloth to her face to reassure that she stays asleep a little while longer. Vonka knows it isn’t going to hold her so she goes to find something else. Luna wakes up and knows this is a job for Wonder Woman. She spins and that’s who she becomes. Luna thought she had Vonka now, but she was wrong and Vonka puts her to sleep again only this time its Wonder Woman who is sleeping. Luna wakes up a couple minutes later ready to fight, she gets a few good hits in. But Vonka keeps dominating the fight to keep Luna sleeping. Vonka keeps covering Luna’s face to make her stay asleep. She then moves Luna to a table and lays her on top of it. Mouth wide opened, gives Vonka the help she needs to put the pantyhose gag in and cover it with tape. Vonka is making sure she gets Wonder Woman where she needs her. Vonka removes Luna’s outfit and then lifts her to carry her away saying how great of a specimen she is

This world needs more Luna clips, so of course as soon as I find one, especially on that fits into my fetish and if you’re reading this, I assume yours as well. This video provides good content on many levels, first of course it’s staring Luna, obvious points for that alone. Next, is we get to watch her get dressed, not the best part of the vid, but Luna is quite the looker so I count that as an up. Next, Luna gets KO’d, of course she sells it well with some nice eye rolling and struggling. The we get lots of limp play with eye checks, gagging, a little carrying and whenever Luna starts to stir, Vonka is quick to put her back out again. The limp play here, with a few extra KOs mixed is another definite up. Then we get the Wonder Woman transformation and I got to say the wonder woman outfit here is another up as it just looks excellent. What follows is more of what we’ve been seeing with more KOs and limp play, just now with Luna as Wonder Woman, which adds the high heel boots for me and that of course is another up. Luna does try to put up a fight, but is literally no match for Vonka. And finally Luna is carried away and stripped out for her costume, all while Vonka makes sure she stays out. When she’s all done and Luna is back in her underwear, just with the pantyhose staying on, she carries Luna away. This is a great superheroine/limp play video and hopefully a sign that we well get to see more Luna this year as she was pretty MIA last year.

Overall Score: 9.5/10