Review of Wonder Girl: Things I do for Charity

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesWonder Girl: Things I do for Charity – 26 mins

Someone has paid a lot to win a date with Wonder Girl at an auction. Once Wonder Girl arrives, he tells her he wants to role-play as the Trickster. Wonder Girl agrees reluctantly due to the fact that this is all for charity. Little does she realize that it’s actually the Trickster. Oh boy! This date isn’t going to go well for Wonder Girl.

More Sleepy Superheroines, means more Misty Lovelace. Gotta love Lovelace! That’s what I say, and what I do. This time she plays Wonder Girl, paid to go on a date with a fan. She was hoping for more of a normal date, but this guy wants to role play with her as The Trickster and man is he a splitting image of The Trickster. Anyway, she eventually agrees and of course the first chance he gets he KOs her and take advantage. Then we are treated to the limp play, tricks, carrying, KOs, and spanking that we always get for SSH. I of course have to give some extra points to this vid for it not being one with a body suit, also exposed belly is always worth some extra points from me too. I really do love this outfit, although the black cat one is still my favorite. I should mention, Misty actually gets a little offense in this one, even going as far to get a KO in this Trickster look alike, but that doesn’t last long as The Trickster clone was just playing possum, it seems and quickly gains control again. I’m not really a fan of The Trickster getting KO’d but it was over quick and something a little different so I figured it was worth a mention. Overall, I just love what I am getting from SSH, sure they’re all pretty similar, but Misty is an awesome heroine in distress and seeing her KO’d and played with in all these outfits will keep me coming back for a long time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10