Review of Winner for Italian fetish title #1

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Review of Crimini ItalianiWinner for Italian fetish title #1 – 69 mins

3 girls are fight to win the title of Italian fetish, whoever plays unfair is much more likely to be the winner, but beware of the extreme sadistic sadism they are willing to do for the win. They will all physically and psychologically be tested with punches, smothers, dirty tricks and even a tazer. The video is divided into 4 rounds, 1 – Gisy VS Margherita, 2 – Rematch: Margherita VS Gisy, 3 – Katia Vs Margherita Vs Gisy & 4 – Katia Vs Margherita.

I did a review from this Italian production quite some time ago, because they did a video that had all the over the top features that I love and I’m back with another one for the same reason. This one has four separate fight that are all filled with over the top stuff, not just tongue protrusion, drooling and twitching, but they all over react to just about everything, really hamming it up and putting on a great show. I don’t really know any of these girls, but since there was so many matches I was able to figure out who was who. So, the first two matches, Gisy loses to Margherita, but in the second match Katia sneaks in as a spy and takes out Margherita. Then in the third match, Katia uses some trickery to take down both Gisy and Margherita. Then in final match Margherita gets the best of Katia, then Gisy sneaks in but get taken out as well. All the girls look great and sell great too, I do think my favorite one to see losing was Margherita or Katia, but really it was close so I wasn’t bothered about who won or lost in any of the matches. There’s a decent amount of trash talking, but it’s all in Italian, so it didn’t help me at all.  All the matches have lots of tongue protrusion, eyerolling and twitching, the second match takes a little long to get to the meat and potatoes, but all the others get right to it. The moves used are nothing fancy, or high impact, but their reactions are the main attraction and they all do a great job. This is a really awesome over the top fight video that comes at a great price for how long it is, also if you don’t want the whole thing, the matches are sold separately and if you go that route I would suggest the third and fourth matches because those where the ones with the greatest amount of content.

Overall Score: 9.9/10