Review of White-Eyed Boxing

Review of DefeatedWhite-Eyed Boxing – 18 mins

We fade in on a very confident Stella standing toe to toe with Poison. Before they start the match Poison asks Stella why she looks so happy. Stella says, “I know that I am so much faster than you. You might be strong, but you are so slow. I’ll run circles around you.” “I’m glad you thing it will be that easy. Let’s do this.” Says Poison. The match begins and at first Stella does as she expected, she’s able to avoid Poison’s punches and move quickly around her, talking trash the whole time about how slow Poison is. Stella stops moving, but is still running her mouth, that is until Poison punches her in face. Stella suddenly goes quiet and her hands drop to her sides. When we can see Stella’s face again we see that Stella’s eyes have rolled all the back in her head and are full white. She’s clearly out on her feet. Poison waves her hand in front of Stella’s face checking to see if she reacts at all, but she’s out. Poison says, “You might be fast, but you’re not so smart. I knew I could just wait for you to make a mistake and clearly you did.” Stella stumbles around but somehow stays on her feet. Poison punches Stella several times and still Stella stays on her feet until finally an uppercut causes her to crumble to the floor. Stella looks out cold on the mats with her eyes rolled back and she’s twitching, but after a few seconds, surprisingly, Stella starts getting back to her feet. It’s a struggle, but Stella makes it back to her feet, eyes still rolled back in her head, arms still hanging limp. “You want some more I see” says Poison. Stella stands on wobbly legs, but somehow still takes several punches before going down again. Poison waits to see if Stella will get up again and indeed she does. Stella lays twitching for a few moments but then starts to get up again. Again it’s a struggle, but Stella makes it back up to her feet. She’s still out on her feet and we can’t figure out how, or why Stella kept getting back up, but she did, several times. Finally, Poison grows tired of this game, she no longer waits for Stella to get back to her feet, as soon as Poison knocks her down again, she sits on Stella and punches her in the face a bunch of times. Poison says, “Well that was fun, but weird. Oh well, I win, better luck next time Stella.” Poison then stands and takes her victory pose over the still twitching, but no longer trying to get up, Stella.

Back with more Defeated reviews from Defeated and with this one my infestation of Defeated continues with this custom video of mine. This is one I had to get the moment I saw Poison. I just knew her vs Stella would be an amazing one sided match. I’ve was even able to talk Defeated in getting some converse boots, but that was well before we knew who Poison was. This concept was pretty simple one, starting with a cocky Stella who thinks she’s so fast she can just round circles around Poison, talking trash the whole time, but of course Stella ends up being more worried about the trash talking and less worried the running in circles. Once caught, it takes one punch to the face and she is instantly out her feet, eyes rolled back in her head. From there she’s a human punching bag for Poison. Stella magically manages to stay on her feet for a few punches and even get back to her feet a couple of times and I feel like this idea worked really awesome. Stella of course sells everything over the top, from her eye rolling, her being out on her feet while Poison just wails away at her, twitching like crazy when she’s finally goes down, continuing her eye rolling while she down and then her slow struggle back to her feet, Stella is absolutely awesome. But when Stella get knocked out, she never just falls over, she either does this really awesome slow crumble to mats or depending what Poison does to her for the final punch, she’ll send herself flying in some other awesome ways, like basically doing a cartwheel before crashing to the mats, for example. Poison does exactly what I wanted from her, she’s confident the whole time, talks plenty of trash while Stella is out of her feet and just seems to have a general good time beating up poor Stella. I love this customs, lots of OTT reactions, great KOs, some funny moments and finally Converse boots on an awesome jobber girl. Defeated and crew totally killed this for me and I’ll definitely be back for more as soon as possible.

Overall Score: 11/10