Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldWHEN ZIVA MET TINY – 25 mins

FWR’s Ziva is visiting SKW and to honor her visit we gave her the chance to pick her opponent and the match rules. Ziva being unfamiliar with our roster took a look at a list before rolling and has made her choice. She tells SK that she wants to take on a girl all “Tiny”. She hopes that it is someone kind of small like she is. She then tells SK that she wants it to be a ragdoll match, where the winner is the one who renders their opponent completely unconscious and is unable to be woken up. SK starts to explain to her that she’s made a colossal error, that Tiny isn’t a girl and… Well, Tiny hearing his name is “Johnny on the spot” and is already standing behind Ziva. So, SK just tells her to reach back over her head and see who Tiny really is. Ziva is of course quick to take back her pick and tries to run off. Of course Tiny isn’t going to let that happen, grabbing Ziva by the hair and reeling her back in. What follows is not only the kind of Tiny squash you guys have come to know and love, but also an amazing ragdoll match where Ziva is out cold and completely limp for most of the match. And although there are some mild OTT reactions for Ziva, this one mostly focuses on her being lifeless and limp, letting Tiny totally ragdoll her all over the place. Tiny finally claims his victory after a limp Tiny Special and final pin.

It’s always so much fun to see girls that we know from other productions working somewhere else. It is especially awesome when we get to see said talent come to SKW and meet Tiny. This time we get the lovely Ziva, a girl that I have already fallen in love with from her work at FWR and that love easily grows greater with this awesome video. This video is great on so many levels, first, is this outfit. I think this outfit looks outstanding on Ziva. The boots and knee pads are also a big plus for me. Next great part is the set up. I love the idea of Ziva thinking SKW had a little wrestler named Tiny, only to soon find out who Tiny really is. Then I love how great Ziva sold this ragdoll match, being totally out of it and completely limp for the majority of the video. She really let Tiny just toss her all over the place and she stayed limp though just about everything. Also, it wasn’t a very OTT ragdoll match, but just OTT enough to make it just that much better. I get all the OTT reactions I love to see, but not by the truckload like I always ask for. This one has the OTT reactions more sprinkled in instead and it works perfectly. I really love how this video turned out. And as much as I love super OTT videos, I am happy this one isn’t. Easily a must own video in my opinion and another one for my favorites list.

Overall Score: 10/10