Review of When Zazie Met Nelly

Review of DefeatedWhen Zazie Met Nelly – 22.5 mins

Defeated has added a new wrestler, Nelly, and we wanted to see what she’s got, so the put her in a match against Zazie. To say the least, Zazie never stood a chance. From the opening of the video Nelly takes control, domination Zazie with several submission holds, eventually leading to a KO.  Nelly gets and easy 10 count pin fall. Normally this is the moment when the tides would turn and Zazie would make a triumphant comeback, not today! Nelly wakes Zazie and continues her dominance torturing Zazie until KO, after KO, after KO, each time scoring a 10 count pin. Until finally Nelly bores of beating Zazie, takes a few selfies for her collection and leaves Zazie asleep on the couch. A pretty good first impression if you ask me. Next time we’ll find Nelly a harder opponent. For now however, welcome to Defeated, Nelly!!

Back with more Defeated reviews for you guys and this time we have another new talent enter the Defeated roster and she crushes Zazie. That’s the most important thing for me, is that Zazie doesn’t stand a chance in this video and is completely crushed. I feel like Zazie is Hungary’s Lilith and if you remember when Lilith joined Defeated she got completely crushed left and right, because she was a super cute and super tiny. Lilith took a little while to form into the jobbing butterfly she is now and I feel like Zazie is working on that transformation as well. This was another good performance for Zazie. I think she keeps her eye closes a little too much, but when she does open her eyes it really adds a lot to her selling. I love that this video was a KO pin, KO pin type of match. We don’t see that from Defeated unless it’s one of those come back stories where the girl loses and then comes back to win. So it was great to have a squash match with a lot of pins. The move list was pretty shallow, but Nelly is new, they were fighting on a couch so the moves were obviously limited. Nonetheless, it was great to see Zazie KO’s and pinned several times in a row and hopefully we see this format become a regular thing at Defeated.

Overall Score: 9/10